How It’s Made

Moon Gate

Wedding Moongate

We received an inquiry from a young, newly engaged couple wondering if we could design and build a moon gate.

Elm Wood | Handmade wood furniture | STUDIORossi

John Updike Elm Table

John Updike wrote about it. Others simply admired it. The Ipswich library commissioned StudioRossi to honor it.

Bubinga Veneer | STUDIORossi | Custom Wood Furniture

Bubinga Arch Chair

We needed a chair versatile enough to work in a living room, at the foot of the bed, as a dining chair and as a stand-alone statement piece. That’s a tall order for one chair.

Maple wood | Handmade Wood Furniture | STUDIORossi

Manchester Console

The Manchester-by-the-Sea Historical Museum asked if we’d build a piece for an exhibit on Manchester’s furniture building heritage past and present.