Fred Rossi Bio & Timeline

A woodworker with an eye for detail, Fred Rossi creates finely crafted furniture and cabinetry. His influences range from the Greene brothers and the Arts and Craft movement to Asian architecture and the use of wood grain in James Krenov’s designs.

Fred initially learned his craft watching his builder father and creating theatrical sets while at St. John’s Preparatory School and the University of Pennsylvania. Some of his first jobs after college were building sets for the film industry. After receiving his MBA from the Wharton School and working in real estate finance, Fred was drawn back to woodworking.

“Clean lines, self-evident joinery and wood grain that become part of the design allow my pieces to speak for themselves. The work is exciting and rewarding for both me and my clients.”

white ash table | Handmade Wood Furniture | STUDIORossi
Elm Wood | Handmade wood furniture | STUDIORossi
White Oak Table | Handmade Wood Furniture | STUDIORossi
Double Arch Chair | Bubinga Veneer | Custom Wood Furniture
Ash Wood | Handmade Wood Furniture | STUDIORossi
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STUDIORossi Philosophy

I have always enjoyed making, building, creating. From cardboard carpentry as a kid to designing and building theatrical sets at St. John’s Prep and the University of Pennsylvania the act of making existed as an avocation. Not until after earning my MBA and following the corporate path did I realize that making could become a fulfilling vocation.

When not designing and building, I mentor teenagers as a leader of Troop 3 Boy Scouts in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts. This puts me in the backcountry quite often. Backpacking through New Hampshire’s White Mountains or California’s Sierras, paddling or dog sledding in Minnesota and Canada keeps me immersed in nature especially trees. Big old trees! For me, very cool stuff. Nature is the greatest designer and builder.

You can find StudioRossi at the intersection of my desire to make things and my love of nature. Every time I plane a shaving off a plank the piece of wood reveals a sight no other person has ever seen. I love living and working at this crossroad.

As you review the StudioRossi site you will find refined detail, accentuated wood figure and lustrous finishes. We look forward to hearing from you whether it is to send off an item from our collections or to collaborate on a custom piece.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about StudioRossi. Fred Rossi, Principal designer and craftsman.